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Logan Square

Logan Square is a neighborhood in Chicago that has become an area filled with creative bars for cocktails and is the place to find many of the best eateries in Chicago, Illinois. But the attraction in the area isn’t just about the fancy drinks you’ll drink and the food items you’ll be able to bring home. A stroll down Milwaukee Avenue will allow you to visit the most popular attractions, like the arcade bar, galleries, and Milwaukee’s most well-known market for farmers. The area is a wonderful area to explore. It could be enjoyable due to the numerous parks and an entirely different view of the neighborhood via the 606 trail, which is elevated.

Logan Theater

The newly renovated theater has a modernized and upgraded cinema sound system that includes screens, projectors, and, most importantly, the lobby bar and lounge that can be used for special events such as live entertainment or film-related talks. The theater has a wide variety of new releases as well as independent and second-run movies and popular late-night screenings of classic films every week. It is located at Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL; Logan Theater is an upscale theater with an origin in history.

With its latest amenities, the cinema is always priced well and is a good value that everyone of any age and taste can appreciate and receive more for their money.

Logan Arcade

A former hardware store is now known as an arcade, the Logan Arcade, which is why you see the name on the outside of the property. The most frequented place in the region has been restored well with arcade games. The arcade features a terrace where you can sit and unwind with a beverage. The machine spins, but it is usually one of the biggest collections of pinball machines. It’s also a great return to classic video games such as Ms. Pac-Man and Q-Bert. EZ Chicago Junk Removal

Comfort Station

Comfort Station has evolved into a multidisciplinary art space within Chicago, IL. Trolleys were the first to protect the area in the early 1900s. The site was later renovated to renovate and start anew with more to offer the world of art. In 2010, The Logan Square Preservation was officially opened as the current gallery space, designed to serve an arts-oriented community 2011.

Comfort Station has been focused on preserving the rich past of the area in addition to organizing exciting exhibits and events that showcase the rich life of the inhabitants of this peaceful neighborhood, which is known to be Logan Square. Logan Square is open on Thursdays between 7-9 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 3 pm.

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