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Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal

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Kids will congregate with their friends and spend hours playing on the playground. Sliding, swiping, climbing, and circling are but the things kids can do with playground toys. Parents think it’s important to ensure their children receive the recommended exercise daily. To entice their children to be active, they buy them outdoor playsetsPlaysets for children come in various styles and include swings, slides, rock walls, monkey bars, basketball goals, and fire poles.

Playsets are a source of hours of fun for weeks, months, and years of enjoyment for kids of all ages. This is great, but what happens when kids outgrow their playsets? When your child hits some milestone and finds himself too old for the set, your only alternative is to dispose of it. There are many ways to dispose of it for used playsets. These options are listed in the text that follows.

Playset Disposal Solutions

What happens if playsets degrade beyond their usefulness? The disposal will be your only choice at this point. While it is the only option, it’s divided into various alternatives. The options include recycling, donation, and landfill.

Playset Donation This option is suitable for most preowned playsets regardless of their state. Some charities accept old playsets in good condition and working. Some accept playsets that are in poor or fair condition, too. The playsets will go to a thrift store, selling them to make a profit. The money raised will go towards the cause of the charity.

Some nonprofit agencies will donate quality pre-owned playsets to families that are in need. Consumers can also present their old playsets in good working order to neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family members.

Some handymen spend their workdays collecting old scrap metal. They will happily collect your old set if it’s metal. They advertise their services in local papers and online advertisements. Find a local newspaper to find the contact information for a handyman looking for playsets and other parts made out of metal.

Playset Recycling

The majority of materials used to create playsets are recyclable. Find your nearest recycling center to learn about the playset materials that can be reused. The entire plastic and metal components will fetch a decent revenue. But, you might be required to dismantle the playset day before recycling. Again, validate if your playset is recyclable and whether or not it is required to be disassembled before dropping off.

Playset Landfill Disposal

The majority of landfills will accept playsets from the past. Of course, you may have to disassemble the set before your local landfill takes it in.  US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” recommends that American users consider safer disposal alternatives than dumps and landfills. If playsets end up in garbage dumps, they release hazardous greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.

Beware of landfill disposal until it’s your last choice.

Do-It-Yourself Playhouse Disassembly

If you find that the playhouse needs to be broken down into components, you’ll be responsible for the removal. The disassembly process of an old playhouse doesn’t need to be difficult or long-lasting. However, the larger the preowned playhouse is, the longer the disassembly will require to complete. Make sure you have the tools – screw screwdriver set, hammer the socket, bar pry, scissors, and pliers – ready for disassembly.

Using the correct tools to remove the roof, begin with the disassembly process. Remove the swings, and then slide. Continue to disassemble your playhouse, making sure that all components are in individual pieces.

Demonstrate A Trampoline In Less than An Hour

The trampoline is an additional piece of playground equipment. If you plan to dispose of your trampoline in a local landfill, it should be dismantled before disposal. Fortunately, trampoline disassembly does not have to be difficult. With the right tools, resources, and mechanical expertise, it is possible to remove your old trampoline in no time.

It is the first thing to collect the tools you need – hammer pliers, pry bars, socket set, screwdriver set, and the snips. Unhook the safety net and put it in the non-recyclable pile. Take off the foam and sleeve to access the frame pad. It can be taken apart and removed from the trampoline frame.

The safety pad must be removed to reach the t-anchors and the trampoline platform. Remove the poles made of metal for the final step.

Disassemble A Swing Set

Similar to most large playground equipment, the old swing sets must be fully disassembled before recycling. Utilizing the right tools, swing sets of all shapes and sizes can be disassembled in less than an hour and a half. Remove the swings first to clear them off the way. Utilize a battery-powered drill to remove the bolts connecting the slide to your swings.

When the slides, swings, and monkey bars are disassembled, attempt to place this set of swings on their sides if possible. This will give you easy and quick access to the bolts and your frame. Remove the parts until they’re in separate pieces.

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