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Navy Pier

Navy Pier is the perfect place in Chicago, Illinois , for family events and other activities like entertainment and dining, shopping, and more. Here is where you’ll find F in entertainment, whether your visit is with friends from home or relatives.

As among the cities’ non-profit associations, the Navy Pier offers the most exciting and diverse range of fun activities for kids and adults. So get your body and mind energized, and let your adrenaline flow through your body.

Guest Safety and Health Measures

The security and safety of Navy Pier ensure an enjoyable guest experience. The Pier also provides a place that is secure and safe for everyone. The Pier offers several entry points and easily accessible points to ensure the security of everyone. In addition, security and safety measures are implemented for all the areas around the Pier and the parking area, supervised by personnel who include canines and security guards on call 24/7.

It is recommended that people older than two years old wear face masks on every visit to the Pier and other public attractions. In addition, use hand sanitizers as well as other antibacterial items to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Attractions and Experience

Chicago, Illinois’ Navy Pier offers a unique experience based on your preferences. You can go shopping, eat out, and do cultural activities, including fireworks, game rides, food, or even a History Tour in the same place.

Cultural Attractions

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is an internationally-renowned theatre company that was recently given the Regional Theater Tony Award. The theater’s Pier is the location of three floors of fun for families with children and includes children’s museums. Chicago Children’s Museum. It is possible to go on adventures with dinosaurs and enjoy the playground full of exciting activities like printing, sewing, painting, or even sculpture. EZ Chicago Junk Removal

Pier Park Rides

The location of the world’s most famous and well-known tourist popular attraction is The Centennial Wheel. It is where you will enjoy a stunning panorama of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan. It also provides the perspective of Lake Michigan. Pier also offers additional rides priced between $9 to $18. If you’re not a big fan of park rides, look at the stunning Chicago Funhouse Maze. You can visit the four sq. feet. of an interactive Funhouse. Mirror Maze and The Spinning Tunnel, and more!

Dine and Drink

Alongside the thrilling adrenaline-filled sports and adrenaline-inducing activities, The Pier is home to some of the most delicious and diverse eating choices. Take a break from ice cream cones, cups, and Sundae at Ben Jerry’s. Instead, have a bite of Thai and Chinese food in China Express, the Big Bowl Chinese Express, and several other choices!

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Plan your trip to Chicago’s People’s Pier, whether it’s an entire family, a group, or even a bunch of friends. You can go through this site

Address: 600 East. Grand Avenue Chicago, IL

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