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Reasons You Want To See Chicago Before You Die

Denver offers fresh air and outdoor adventure, San Diego offers beaches and nightlife, Seattle offers food and brilliant minds, but where does Chicago fit in? While is it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world? EZ Chicago Junk Removal

The Sports

To start out, Chicago is one of the few cities in the world that offers access to about every imaginable professional sporting event. Heck, it has two World Series – caliber baseball teams, the White Sox and the Cubs. And, Michael Jordan probably doesn’t even need to be mentioned, as everyone knows who he is and he has done for the city. Sure, he doesn’t play anymore, but there is still lots you can uncover and learn from his time with the Bulls that you likely never knew. That aside, you have to be in the city when there is a game. Whether it be hockey, football, or baseball, it is like the entire city comes to life.

The People

When most people think about visiting a city, they simply don’t take the people into account. Well, after visiting Chicago your mindset will be forever changed. The people from Chicago have that New York hustle mixed with the generosity that you’d only find in the deep south. They also offer some of that rust-belt blue-collar edge along with a swagger of a major suburban socialite. It is a true mixture that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else in the world.

The Farmer’s Market

Just like the people, the last thing you are probably thinking about when on vacation or planning one is grocery shopping. That’ll soon change to after visiting Chicago if you get the chance to spend some quality time at the local Farmer’s Market. That being said, this place really is good for more than stuck stocking your fridge. It is held on Saturday and Wednesday from 7 am to 1 pm from May to October and offers everything from fresh produce to organic meats, herbs, flowers, sugar-dusted donuts, hearty burgers, fruit smoothies, and made-to-order crepes.

Millennium Park

You probably already know that Chicago offers one of the most unique and impressive skylines that you’ll find in the world. Well, there is no better place to see it than from Millennium Park. It’s just right off the lake and makes an excellent place to get in a little biking, walking, running, or jogging. Heck, you can just go here to enjoy the view if you want. The gardens are always beautifully landscaped and the Ferris Wheel will provide a view, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.